Concord Community Reuse Project

Concord Reuse Project

Repurposing the Former Concord Naval Weapons Station

The Concord Reuse Project (CRP) Area Plan, adopted in 2012, will transform the former Concord Naval Weapons Station (CNWS) into a high-quality, world class project that will be recognized internationally for its innovative planning and development concepts. This includes developing a transit-oriented, housing-rich development anchored at the North Concord BART station. It will be the single largest new housing project in Northern California, with housing at a range of affordability levels. The approximately 5,000-acre site also designates land for a new regional park, commercial and office space, a campus district, a tournament sports park, a comprehensive network of parks, open space and trails, and other community benefits.



Project Program

  • 5,046 acres (approximately half will be developed, half is planned to be a new regional park)
  • 12,272 housing units (planning for 25% affordable units), including single and multifamily homes for up to 28,000 new residents
  • 6.1 million square feet of commercial space for office, retail, light industrial, R&D and other potential uses
  • 2.3 million square feet of higher education or R&D facilities
  • Parks, open space, and community facilities that may include a tournament sports facility and citywide park
  • Full buildout expected in 30 years

Interim Uses

The Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) and the American Automobile Association (AAA) of Northern California, Nevada & Utah is currently utilizing the property as GoMentum Station for testing the latest in autonomous vehicle (AV) and connected vehicle (CV) technology.