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A Few of the Companies That Call Concord Home

For businesses looking to level up, Concord is it. Our unique connection to the Bay Area, competitively priced real estate, and innovative companies are attracting top talent from across the nation. But don’t just believe us, take a look at some of the companies thriving in Concord.

Why Companies Thrive

Our business-friendly government policies, growing network of transportation, and proximity to top universities including UC Berkeley and Stanford create an environment keen for business development. Some of Concord’s notable employers, such as John Muir Health and Fresenius, have found success in Concord due to its driven community and network of leaders.

Why Talent Comes

Our region is a magnet for top talent across all industries. With a lower cost of living than Oakland and San Francisco and an easy commute anywhere within the Bay Area, talent can breathe easy in Concord knowing they can experience the suburban lifestyle with urban amenities. Opportunities to connect with major employers, continue education, and train with industry leaders, coupled with the beautiful Mount Diablo backdrop, San Francisco Bay, and comfortable weather makes Concord home for families, entry-level talent, and career transplants.