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Attracting talent from nearby academic institutions and surrounding Bay Area cities, Concord is the top job center and biggest city by population in Contra Costa County. This talented and growing population has revamped and redefined our advanced manufacturing industry, allowing for major companies like E-N-G Mobile Systems and Akesis to grow and thrive, and attracting the automates vehicle leaders like Honda to test its self-driving cars. Premier companies choose Concord for the talented workforce, to lead their ideas from innovation into action.

We choose to do business in Concord because it is centrally located, with proximity to many major highways to provide access to the entire Bay Area and beyond. On top of that, Concord boasts a friendly and welcoming business atmosphere, safety, and diversity of local businesses, which provide goods and services that we require for our business.”
-Marwan Midani, President of E-N-G Mobile Systems



Manufacturing jobs in Contra Costa County
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