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A mix of classic family-friendly suburban homes and downtown apartments

In Concord, the choice is yours—and that includes housing. Whether you are looking to live among eclectic restaurants, breweries, and shops in an apartment downtown, or spread out more in a family home, you can find it in Concord. No matter where you end up, you’ll find affordability, availability, and amenities like no other Bay Area city.

Our plan is to add 3,400 more downtown housing units within a 15-minute walk from BART to keep our community moving and connected with nearby cities. We are looking to add almost 1 million square feet of office space and 750,000 square feet of retail space into our downtown areas to provide an unmatched lifestyle for residents.

Our plans for continuous growth won’t compromise our promise to keep Concord housing affordable and available. Combine this with our extensive parks, recreational facilities, neighborhood and city services, our progressive and forward-looking community guarantees bright futures.



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